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Plastics + Waste
Lauren Bravo Homethings

Breaking Up With Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo

We speak to journalist babe and author, Lauren Bravo – who wrote 'What Would The Spice Girls Do?' and recently released 'How To Break Up With Fast Fashion". Our conversation covers the dark truth of the fast fashion industry and how we can all do our bit to reduce funding companies who greenwash...
Madeleine Shaw Homethings

A World of Wellness with Madeleine Shaw

We talk to good friend, author and Nutritional Therapist, Madeleine Shaw, about low waste living, her experience of trialing a plastic-free life and whether or not it's possible to be sustainable unless we all start slowing down? "When we are stressed, busy and tired we can only do what we can. ...
The Influence of Sustainability with Besma Whayeb

The Influence of Sustainability with Besma Whayeb

We spoke with Besma Whayeb, a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Curiously Conscious for our sustainability podcast, (Re)action by Homethings. Throughout the chat over a cup of tea, we discussed politics for the environment, how switching your bank account could be the easiest sust...
Zero Waste Cleaning.

Zero Waste Cleaning.

It’s great that we are now considering how we consume and what we consume. It’s really needed as the world heats, the oceans fill (not with fish) and the earth’s resources are depleted in a bonkers fashion. But it’s hard to consume more sustainably, more consciously and with less waste. It’s ma...
Circular Economy: What does it really mean to be circular in 2022?

Circular Economy: What does it really mean to be circular in 2022?

A quick search of ‘what does circular mean’ will supply you with answers such as the difference between tangent and concentric shapes (honestly, who even knew?). However, what we mean when we use ‘circular’ in the sustainability sector is quite different. Put simply, a circular economy is a system that aims at eliminating waste and to continue the use of the same resource...

Homethings on fast fashion

Can we slow down fast fashion?

Fashion. Some of us embrace it, some of us resent it. Some of us still wear socks and sandals and try and label it ‘fashion’. Whatever your opinion and wherever you stand on the ‘fashion spectrum’ one thing is for sure – the speed at which we are demanding and consuming it is unsustainable. The...
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