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Spray + Spin Bundle

3x bottles, 13x cleaning spray tabs + 72 laundry pods. Get your planet positive cleaning journey off to a flying start with our Spray Bundle and Laundry combo.

  • Choose between fragranced and fragrance-free laundry pods
  • SAVE £9 when you purchase our Spray + Spin saver bundle
    • £37.00

    Tabletised everyday household cleaning sprays with 100% recycled plastic bottles to refill and reuse. Super concentrated, 100% natural and biobased laundry pods offering you powerful cleaning performance with none of the nasty chemicals.

    • 3x refillable 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
    • 13x non-toxic cleaning tabs: 7x Allthings, 4x Baththings, 2x Shinythings
    • 72x eco laundry pods made in a factory run on 100% renewable energy

    Cleaning spray tabs: 

    • Allthings: Grapefruit + Mandarin
    • Baththings: Lavender + Tonka Bean
    • Shinythings: Peony. Fragrance free laundry pods.

    The laundry pods come in fragranced (fresh floral smell) or fragrance-free (these pods are hypoallergenic).

    We think long and hard about what goes into our products and we're really proud of the products we've come up with. For the full list of ingredients in the products in the bundle, best to visit our FAQs here.

    How to use

    Drop tab

    Top up your refillable cleaning bottle with lukewarm water to the fill line. Drop in one of our non-toxic cleaning tabs, leave to fizz (really, wait) and attach the trigger once fully dissolved.


    Enjoy a good clean in your home without trashing the planet with our non-toxic household cleaning sprays.


    Tabs for forever (or whenever) with our flexible subscription plan, and get refills delivered directly to your door.

    And in between?

    Get the laundry on! No need to unwrap our laundry pods, just chuck the entire pod into the back of your drum and voila.

    What goes in

    3 cleaning spray bottles

    Make these your last bottles and refill them over + over again. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

    72 laundry pods

    Super concentrated, hypoallergenic, 100% natural and biobased laundry pods [fragrance free]


    Clean your home with 7x Allthings,
    4x Baththings and 2x Shinythings.
    AT [Grapefruit + Mandarin]
    BT [Lavender + Tonka Bean]
    ST [Peony]

    zero waste

    All of our packaging is either home compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.