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Enjoy your cleanest clean yet.



We love to see your before/after pics from cleaning your home with our tabs. Tag us @get_homethings and your pic could be right here.


    Surfaces you can no longer see your reflection in? We've got a thing for that. For best results, clean first with a damp cloth and then buff dry to make it really ✨shine✨. Using a clean cloth also helps and microfibre is best.

    Please do not. Allowing the tab to fully dissolve before attaching the trigger means there is no risk of gas building up in the nozzle.

    Basically, yes. Two ingredients in our tabs are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which are both really effective against limescale. We've formulated Baththings to be an ideal everyday shower spray and works well for keeping limescale at bay. 

    You can find the full list of ingredients for our non-toxic cleaning tabs inside the refill pack they came in. Fear not if you've already recycled that – you can find the list of ingredients over on our product pages.

    The triggers have a safety feature on them which may be why they are not spraying for you. Try two things!

    1) removing the trigger from the bottle and very slowly squeezing the trigger and releasing – repeat a couple of times, slowly, and then re-attach to the bottle, making sure the trigger is tightly screwed on around the neck

    2) remove the trigger from the bottle and spray a couple of times into a sink. then put them into a cup/bowl of water and continue to spray until liquid comes out. re-attach to the bottle, making sure it is tightly screwed on around the next.

    This should resolve it 🙌 but if you still have problems then drop us an email on

    Usually this can be really easily solved by following these steps:

    🙃 Remove the trigger from the bottle

    🙃 Spray into the sink until it runs dry

    🙃 Re-attach the trigger to the bottle, making sure its screwed on tightly around the neck

    Sometimes gas can build up in the nozzle if the triggers are attached before the tabs have fully dissolved, causing them to leak or dribble. 

    Give the above a whirl and if you still have problems, then drop us an email on

    No problem at all, cleaning's our thing and we're happy to help. Drop us an email over on for a chat.