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Big brand cleaning products are 90% water packaged in single use plastic

We think that's bonkers

Refillable cleaning makes sense

no more single-use plastic

For each tab used, you save one single-use plastic bottle from ever being produced. Our kits come in either glass or 100% recycled plastic. Read more about the impact of our kits here.

heaps Lower CO2

Each refill tab has over 90% less CO2 emissions than a single-use bottle. Read more about that in our impact report below.

Carbon neutral

We have plans in place to reduce our emissions and in the meantime we’re offsetting all our emissions through schemes with demonstrated additionality. Read more about that here.

Clean Ingredients

Non-toxic. Both in our ingredients and how we market them. We’ll always be transparent about whats in our products and why we use those ingredients. No scaremongering and no greenwashing. You can read more about that here.

Impact report

We don't use impact as marketing fluff, it's core to what we do. We'll be producing an impact report each year to keep us on track. You can read our first here.



Manufactured by a small company in the UK.

Home compostable tab wrappers

Manufactured by a company in the UK.

Trigger Sprayers

Manufactured in Italy and bought from a company in the UK

Non-toxic cleaning tabs

Manufactured by a small company in the UK

Sustainable cardboard packaging

Manufactured by a small company in the UK



Save 94% of the emissions involved in transport with our refill tabs.


Made of 100% recycled plastic to reduce emissions even further.


Planet positive pods with natural ingredients that actually clean.


All of our packaging is either recyclable or home compstable.