Homethings-Our Impact

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The world is bonkers. A typical cleaning spray is 95% water packaged in a plastic bottle and we’re using billions of them to clean our ‘homes’. Even the ‘eco’ brands are selling us single-use plastic sprays, dishwasher tabs wrapped in plastic and laundry detergent bottled in.. you get the picture. Where’s the method in that madness?

It’s no use covering up the problem by saying “just recycle” (when only 9% of plastic ever has been) - it’s time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink. So we’ve made powerful and actually eco things that, when you run out, you Just Add Tap and keep on refillin’.

Our mission is simple: powerful, planet-positive products that make sense, keeping your home (and our planet) clean.
Who we are?

Tim, Matt, Lo, Colm, Molly, Shivani, Paul and Mop. Just 8 pals doing things to make cleaning products that make sense. We're based in Manchester and London, with suppliers throughout the UK (and a few in the EU too).

Come say hello at some point! Probably best via email.