The world is bonkers. People are taping fruit to the wall and calling it art, holding eating competitions and calling it sport. 

We’re here for most of the bonkers bits. They make for a fun world, and provide a bit of light relief from the eco-anxiety and the global threat to the environment, which are the most bonkers of all. 

It’s easy to feel helpless as consumers. But there are things that individuals can do (while we pressure big corps and governments to sort it out). Homethings is starting by waging war against single-use plastics at home. Join us, it’s fun.

Our big idea.

We could tell you we’re changing the way you clean, revolutionising your kitchen sink and transforming the surfaces in your home. But what we’re really doing is creating products that make sense for people who are sick of brands selling them water and plastic while glossing over  the environmental impact. If we get you hyped up about cleaning as we go? Well then that’s win-win.

Love + Sense, 


The world is bonkers. Homethings makes sense.

Our Homethings values:

Put simply, be sensible.

More with less.

Always  be resourceful. 

Don’t add to the problem. 

Be creative with the solution.

Act like a wetsuit: streamlined. 

Talk freely.

We say it how it is. 

Listen first, speak later. 

Conversations are important + we’re always open to learning something new.

There is nothing to hide here.

Shake things up.

Don’t follow the path, walk on the wild side. 

Challenge what we are told, ask questions. 

Standing still is for statues. 

We’re here to do things differently. For real. 

Just have fun.

We all make mistakes, get off your high horse.

If you’re not enjoying something, make it better.

Grab each day by the tabs.

We’re here to do our bit of good and to have a laugh whilst we’re doing it.