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Keep it Clean Kit

Start your refillable journey and clean up your home one tab at a time with our Keep it Clean starter kit.

What it is:

  • Tabletised everyday household cleaning sprays with glass bottles to refill and reuse. Refill at home using just a tab + tap water.

What you get:

  • 3x refillable borosilicate glass bottles with silicone sleeves
  • 3x non-toxic cleaning tabs: Allthings, Baththings, Shinythings

Good to know:
  • One-off payment for bottles and then refills for just £5 when you subscribe
  • Free UK delivery for all customers

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    The average person throws away 117 plastic bottles per year. Our planet friendly cleaning sprays not only save single-use plastic bottles from landfill, but also reduce carbon emissions from not shipping water. Plus, our tabs save space under your kitchen sink. Seems like a pretty good reason to switch to cleaner cleaning.
    Yes. Each of our household cleaning sprays has been specially formulated to clean the targeted area but don't just take our word for it – check out our reviews below or see them in action here.
    Allthings 💦
    Quartz, stainless steel, tiles, laminates, stone, granite, marble and sealed wood.

    Baththings 🛁
    Shower trays, bath tubs, sinks and taps.

    Shinythings ✨
    Glass, mirrors, stainless steel, reflective surfaces and anything you think can benefit from being shinier.
    We formulate our products to clean really well and have a low impact on us and the environment, which is why our tabs come in home compostable sachets. For a list of the ingredients, links to their toxicity rating and any potential allergens visit our FAQs here.
    Allthings: Grapefruit + Mandarin 🍊
    Baththings: Lavender.+ Tonka Bean ✨
    Shinythings: Peony 🌸
    It makes cleaning easier. Select how often you want to receive your tabs and we will deliver them through the letterbox. You'll save money too – the kit is cheaper and after your upfront payment for the bottles, refills cost just £5 for 3 tabs instead of £6. You can pause, change or cancel your subscription anytime.

    What's in the kit?

    3 x Bottles

    3 x Bottles

    Like a puppy, these high quality bottles are for life. Refill + reuse again and again.

    1 x Allthings tab

    1 x Allthings tab

    Powerful general purpose cleaner that can tackle even the stickiest of stains.

    1 x Baththings tab

    1 x Baththings tab

    Soap scum and limescale doesn't stand a chance against this bathroom cleaner.

    1 x Shinythings tab

    1 x Shinythings tab

    Glass, mirrors, stainless steel and many other surfaces are left dazzling.

    How it works

    Drop tab

    Drop one of our powerful cleaning tabs into your bottle and add lukewarm water. Wait till it's dissolved before you get going.

    Get cleaning

    Enjoy a good clean sesh in your home without trashing the planet with our non-toxic household cleaning sprays.

    3. Refill + reuse

    Tabs for forever (or whenever) with our flexible subscription plan, and get refills delivered directly to your door.

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