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Laundrythings Free Sample

5x laundry pods. Get your hands on our Laundrythings sample pack (one per person) for free when you sign-up for a subscription. Lightly fragranced pods.

Choose your subscription frequency below:

  • Sign-up for a subscription to Laundrythings to get a sample pack first for free.
  • Only 1 sample pack per person.
  • If you don't love it, you can cancel your subscription any time in your account Your subscription will start 12 days after you purchase the sample pack – plenty of time to see if you're as obsessed with the pods as we are
  • The standard subscription pack is 72 Laundrythings pods for £12
  • The frequency you set above is for your ongoing subscription (not between sample pack and first order). 
  • You can change this whenever you want in your account 
  • We'll email you 3 days before each order is due so you can skip or change it if needs be



Enter your details and get a Laundrythings sample pack through the post. You'll also automatically be signed up for a normal subscription. Only 1 sample pack per person.


Your first order of 72 pods will be in 12 days. Just £12 for 72... The frequency you choose above is how regular these tabs will come.


Edit or cancel the subscription anytime. We're pretty sure you won't want to cancel though, we wouldn't give the product away for free otherwise.

Why it matters

Super Concentrates Reduce Shipping

Bigger and heavier isn’t better. If we can make our products smaller and lighter by using more compact and more effective ingredients then that’s a win-win. 


Ever noticed the size of the scoop some brands include with their bulk laundry powder boxes? Big brands encourage consumers to use way more product than they actually need. Bonkers. Having products that are pre-measured in compact dosages, simply, makes sense. 


The chemicals we use in our day to day products really matter. They ultimately end up in the waste water stream. The more we switch to natural, eco and fully biodegradable ingredients the better and the more compact we make our products, the less chemicals we’re using in total!