Bundle is Massive

Get all of our refillable + sustainable cleaning products at the best price. Rethink what's under your sink with the Bundle is Massive. 

  • The full Homethings range: 13 cleaning sprays; 72 laundry pods; 40 dishwasher tabs; 20 floor pods; 3 compostable sponges.
  • 💚 SAVE £13.50 💚 compared to buying the products individually.
  • Choose between fragranced and fragrance-free laundry in the dropdown below ⌄
  • £55.00
  • 3x refillable 100% recycled plastic bottles 
  • 13x cleaning spray tabs: 7x Allthings (general purpose), 4x Baththings, 2x Shinythings (reflective surfaces)
  • 72 laundry pods
  • 40 all-in-one dishwasher tabs
  • 20 floor cleaner pods
  • 3 magic sponges

We think long and hard about what goes into our products and we're really proud of the products we've come up with. For the full list of ingredients in the products in the bundle, best to visit our FAQs here.

What's in the bundle

40x all-in-one dishwasher tabs

Powerful, plant-based dishwasher tabs that clean your cutlery without forking up the planet.

Cleaning spray bundle

Tabletised everyday household cleaning sprays with 100% recycled plastic bottles to refill and reuse + 13 tabs.

72x eco laundry pods

Super concentrated, 100% natural and biobased laundry pods. Choose between fragranced and fragrance-free.

Floorthings + Spongethings

20 pods to clean your floor with no single-use plastic + our magic sponges that transform under the tap.