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Cleaning Sprays

What’s the bottle made of?

We've got two types. One set is made from high quality borosilicate glass. This is a type of glass that is more shatter and heat resistant whilst also being dishwasher safe. The other is made from 100% recycled plastic that can trace its origins back to plastic used by consumers in France.

The trigger is made of plastic (PP, or polypropolene, to be precise). We decided on fully plastic triggers as they are easier to downcycle. We haven't found a trigger (yet) made from recycled material hence why we call it down-cycled. The sleeve is made of silicone due to its durability.

And when I've finished with the bottle?

A Homethings bottle is not just for Christmas. Don't leave it stranded at the back of your cupboard. If you do need to dispose of it, the borosilicate glass bottle should be thrown away in the bin as most councils cannot recycle borosilicate glass. Your plastic bottle can be placed in recycling. But both are made to last and so we'd recommend using them again and again.

Plastic triggers are often collected by your local authority. If they can't, you can send it back to us and we will get it downcycled for you.

If you can’t upcycle your silicone sleeve (pen pot or swimming cap for your cat are two of our favourite options) or your local authority does not collect it for recycling, you can send it to us and we will get it downcycled.

How do I take good care of my bottles?

Rinse out your Homethings bottle before refilling it. Avoid throwing them (especially the glass ones). The glass one is dishwasher proof but the plastic one isn't.

What size are the bottles?

Both our glass + PCR bottles are 500ml

Can I use my own bottles?

Of course you can, but Homethings bottles have been designed specifically for a safe customer experience using the correct measurements for our non-toxic tabs. You’re more than welcome to use your own bottles but please ensure that they are sterilised before use them and that you follow the instructions exactly.

Why would I buy new bottles?

Our bottles are specifically designed for our non-toxic tabs. We sell our own reusable and refillable bottles to make sure we can offer a safe and consistent customer experience. Sadly we cant guarantee what would happen if someone was to use our tabs with a different bottle due to sizing, previous product residue, etc. Homethings is for those trying to make a sustainable change and to do their bit, but we absolutely applaud anyone who wants to create their own products at home and anyone who is already reusing what they already have – that's awesome.

Are the bottles sold separately?

No, not yet.

What do I do about leaking triggers?

Usually this can be really easily solved by following these steps:

🙃 Remove the trigger from the bottle

🙃 Spray into the sink until it runs dry

🙃 Re-attach the trigger to the bottle, making sure its screwed on tightly around the neck

Sometimes gas can build up in the nozzle if the triggers are attached before the tabs have fully dissolved, causing them to leak or dribble.

Give the above a whirl and if you still have problems, drop us an email over on

How do I get the best results with Shinythings?

With Shinythings, we recommend applying the product first with a damp cloth before buffing the surface clear with a dry cloth.

Can Baththings be used as Spray and Leave?

We've formulated Baththings to keep limescale at bay rather than as a specific limescale removal product (which requires quite harsh chemicals). We recommend using it frequently to keep limescale at bay on shower screens, taps etc. We haven't specifically formulated the product as a spray and leave product it is more intended as a spray and wipe product however the active ingredients will be very similar to the spray and leave products on the market so I'd be very interested in your feedback if you do trial it as a spray and leave.

Is your household cleaning spray antibacterial?

One of the key ingredients in our product is Citric Acid which is a great natural antibacterial agent. That said we don’t use any specific harsh anti-bacterial agents in our cleaning products as we don't actually believe that 'killing 99.9% of all bacteria' is a good thing and neither, necessarily, is a completely sterile home environment. Our products are effective at removing bacteria from your surfaces (using surfactants) but not necessarily biocidal in terms of killing all of the microorganisms present. Our view is that there is lots of good bacteria out there and a lot of new studies suggest that the bacteria being reduced in the total cleaning process are the ones that are actually beneficial for your health. That's why our formulations are non-toxic and contain no nasty ingredients used as antibacterial agents.

What’s in the cleaning sprays and why?

Citric Acid

What it does: Versatile cleaning and disinfecting agent with antibacterial properties. 

This is a naturally occurring acid found in the juice of citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruit. Tough on stains like grease, mould and mildew but gentle to humans. Oh, and ours is food grade. EWG Toxicity Rating

Sodium Bicarbonate

What it does: A natural, multipurpose cleaning agent and odour remover. 

This miracle ingredient is used in all manner of things from baking to medication and toothpaste. Super effective, super safe and non toxic. And again, ours is food grade. EWG Toxicity Rating

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate - 

What it does: Loosens surface tension helping to remove grease and grime. 

This is a mild surfactant and cleanser derived from sarcosine, an amino acid found in the human body and just about every type of biological material from animals to plants. This ingredient is not to be confused with sodium lauryl sulfate. EWG Toxicity Rating

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate 

What it does: Very mild and eco friendly surfactant and cleansing agent. EWG Toxicity Rating


What it does: Helps to maintain shelf life. 

This is a food grade, naturally derived preservative booster derived from rice or maize. It is vegan friendly and does not contain lactose. EWG Toxicity Rating

Sodium Benzoate 

What it does: Helps to maintain shelf life. 

An antimicrobial, food grade preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria. EWG Toxicity Rating

Potassium Sorbate

What it does: Helps to maintain shelf life. 

An antimicrobial, food grade preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria. EWG Toxicity Rating

Modified Starch 

What it does: Helps to leave surfaces shiny and streak-free. 

A natural based, biodegradable hydrophilized polymer that is highly effective at leaving surfaces shiny and streak free. There is no direct EWG toxicity rating available for this ingredient but the supplier has EU Ecolabel status approved. 


What it does: Makes things smell nice. 

Our signature scents are what makes our sprays smell so damn good. Grapefruit + Mandarin (Allthings), Lavender + Tonka Bean (Baththings) and Peony (Shinythings). We source concentrated eco scents that require one tenth of the dosage of ordinary scents, saving resources in the fragrance production process. The scents are made of natural and synthetic blends in order to achieve the concentrate and resource efficiency required. All scents are free of Phthalates. 

Food Grade Colorants 

What it does: Helps you to identify the product. 

We use very little colourant as it doesn’t actually do anything in our products other than help you distinguish them from one another. That’s true of almost all cleaning solutions, so don’t think it's any less powerful than your glow in the dark supermarket cleaner. 

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