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our mission


it's time to rethink
what's under your sink

We're on a mission to change how the world cleans.

The world is bonkers. A typical cleaning spray is 95% water packaged in a plastic bottle and we’re using billions of them to clean our ‘homes’. Even the ‘eco’ brands are selling us single-use plastic sprays, dishwasher tabs wrapped in plastic and laundry detergent bottled in.. you get the picture.

It’s time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink. So we’ve made powerful and actually eco-friendly things that, when you run out, you Just Add Tap (water) and keep on refillin’.

Powerful, planet-positive products that make sense, keeping your home (and our planet) clean.

our values

We're here to change the status quo for good. We apply strict criteria to every single product we launch to make sure that fits with our brand values. All our products must be waterless, concentrated, plant based, cruelty free and non-toxic. We are 100% transparent about what we do and always listen to your feedback.





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no liquid

We would never ship water based products.

Why would we when you have a tap at home?

no nasty

We will never use harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. All our products are plant based + cruelty free.

No plastic

We will never use single use plastic. All our products are refill + reuse.

that work

We will only sell products that are powerful and work well.

Our impact

Each time a refill is sold, a plastic bottle is saved from being produced 

Plastic is saved from being produced every single time our prooducts are used

Our impact

Each time a refill is sold, a plastic bottle is saved from being produced 

Plastic is saved from being produced every single time our prooducts are used

We offset through a few partners that support gold standard schemes that are recognised for their additonality via the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate.
We are also working on bringing carbon labelling to the world of cleaning. Check our packaging next time you go to Waitrose.

Our community

Our community is such a big focus for us at Homethings. Along with the planet, our customers are our most import stakeholders and the most powerful agents for change that we have. In 2022, tens of thousands of shoppers helped to further our mission to change the way the world cleans. So whether you buy all your cleaning products from us or you're just here for the fun content - thanks!

Our accreditations

B Corp™

Certified B Corporations are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.We were recognised as a B Corp 'Best for the World' for 2022, after achieving one the highest scores in the Environment area of the assessment


We do not test on animals during product development or production, or allow any third parties to do so with our products.


None of our Things and their packaging, or the processes, manufacturing and development it takes to make them, has or ever have involved the use of any animal product.


By manufacturing as much of our Things and their packaging here in the UK as possible, we significantly lower our carbon footprint and we help support fellow small businesses and jobs here in the UK too.

Our team

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