Homethings-How to Get Wine Stains Out of Clothes (without ruining the fabric)

How to Get Wine Stains Out of Clothes (without ruining the fabric)

How to Get Wine Stains Out of Clothes (without ruining the fabric)

Oh, the perils of being a wino! You love your red wine, but it doesn't always love you back. One false move and your favorite shirt is stained beyond repair. 

First things first: don't panic. No matter how bad it looks, that wine stain can be removed. It might take a little elbow grease (and maybe a trip to the dry cleaner), but your clothes will be as good as new in no time. Here's what you need to do:


1. Blot the stain with a clean white cloth. Don't rub, as this will only spread the stain and make it harder to remove. Just apply gentle pressure to soak up as much of the wine as possible.


2. Pour a small amount of white vinegar onto the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. This will help break down the tannins in the wine, making the stain less permanent.


3. Rinse the vinegar off with cold water, then blot again with a clean cloth.


4. Apply a small amount of dish soap (to keep things single-use plastic free, you can check out our Washupthings) and rub gently until it forms a lather.


5. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and blot dry.


6. Repeat steps 4-6 if necessary.


7. Once the stain is gone, wash the clothing item according to its care label instructions. It's best to treat the stain before putting it in the laundry, but if you're in a pinch you can just throw it in with your regular load of laundry and hope for the best! Our Laundrythings are super concentrated, carbon neutral and 100% natural – so, if you fancy making this step a little bit more eco-friendly, you know where to look.


8. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat (once again, check those care labels!). 

If all else fails and the stain is still there after following these steps, take it to your local dry cleaner and let them handle it! They'll have no problem getting that pesky wine stain out of your clothes. 

Now that that's taken care of, you can go back to enjoying your glass of vino without any worry. Cheers!