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How to remove mud stains from clothes.

How to remove mud stains from clothes.

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Whether it’s from a fun kick about in the park or a slightly traumatic trip up in the street, mud stains are very rarely a welcome addition to your clothing. But never fear - there is a way to get them out without too much hassle (and without using too many planet-damaging chemicals).


When mud first meets your clothing, it will be sitting on the surface of the fabric. Over time, the spill can start to react with the material and actually cause it to change colour. You want to leave it long enough to be able to scrape without pushing further into the fabric, but not so long that the stain has started to dye your clothes.


Take a dull knife or spoon (anything that won’t damage the fibres of the fabric) and gently remove the excess mud from your garment. Then use a damp sponge (we recommend Spongethings - cellulose, compostable sponges) to dab the stained area. This should lift some of the mud away from the surface, without causing the stain to spread further.


Grab a bowl and mix up a solution of laundry detergent and warm water (getting in nice and foamy). Get your sponge damp with this mixture and gently rub the stained area. Rinse out the laundry liquid with cold water and repeat a couple more times.



Once you’ve removed the majority of the mud, pop the garment into the washing machine as usually. We recommend using an eco friendly detergent like Laundrythings – to reduce the number of harsh chemicals that end up down the drain. These laundry pods can help to get the rest of those nasty stains out, with strong cleaning power whilst still being planet-positive. Made using 100% renewable energy with no nasty chemicals or microplastics… why not give them a whirl.

Following these simple steps, all muddy mishaps should be kept at bay (so you can go wild in the outdoors without worrying about your washing).


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