Homethings-Can washing up liquid stop condensation on windows?

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Can washing up liquid stop condensation on windows?

Can washing up liquid stop condensation on windows?

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With half of winter still to go, the condensation on your windows may be building up. But, according to the online community, there is a sneaky solution, already in your home.

By taking a small drop of washing up liquid (we recommend Homethings’ Washupthings – non-toxic, singe-use plastic free, and carbon neutral) and rub it into the condensation-prone window with a dry cloth you can completely stop the issue all together. The washing up liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the windows, preventing the water from sticking.

So in the space of just a few minutes, you can put a stop to the damp, mould, and mildew that wet windows can cause.

And if you want to keep your windows sparkling, all year round, why not give our Shinythings a go. Just like Washupthings, they're single-use plastic free, non-toxic, and carbon neutral. Let's clean up.