Homethings-Here’s a question: why Kickstarter?

Here’s a question: why Kickstarter?

Here’s a question: why Kickstarter?

Unless you’re the sort of person who’s genuinely into extra-curricular activities and sports clubs, making friends as an adult is hard. Just ask Twitter. But making friends as an ‘up-and-coming’ new brand is even harder.

And whilst it can be tempting to buy a few pals from the internet (hello ultimately we all know that those online ‘Friends’ aren’t always the ones you were looking for. 

We all know that real pals will always have your back. Real pals will send you Ru Paul memes at 2:30am and tag you in just about every #cutedog post on Instagram. Can your purchased ones do that? Thought not. That’s why we want to build a real community and make some real pals who believe in our mission and who want to help us to get there.

As a starting point, we created our podcast; for us to learn about sustainability and to have some fun meeting like minded people along the way. Hello.

But to be honest, it’s not about us. It’s about you. Because whether we like it or not, we are nothing without you. You give us valuable feedback about what works and what doesn’t, you slide into our DMs to tell us what things you’d like to see next and how we can improve too. You help spread our message far beyond our own echo-chamber and you help Homethings feel like a loved brand rather than an empty shell (we will accept commissions if you want to copy the above for your next Best Man/Maid of Honour speech).

That is why we have decided to launch on March 31st through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform that helps bring ideas like ours to life. This allows you to pre-order our cleaning-things and for us to raise the all important funds to get those things to market, because believe us, launching a sustainable brand in 2020 isn’t a walk in Victoria Park. But rest assured, it won’t be too long of a wait between pre-ordering your exciting starter kit and it arriving on your door. 

By opening up our brand to market this way, we are allowing ourselves to a) get out there quicker but b) immediately open the floor to feedback (raving reviews accepted) and future suggestions. We’ve worked harder than Trump's local drive thru to create Homethings, to give people non-toxic cleaning products that not only work brilliantly, but also put an end to shipping water needlessly in single use plastic bottles. We think that makes sense.

The finish line is in sight, but we need the final push to take us from zero to hero. Yes, we’re talking about money, how very un-British of us. You can help us out by pledging, and in return we will reward you. Want to pledge just enough to get your paws on a starter kit? Absolutely fine. Want to pledge enough to win a dinner date with the entire Homethings team? Hey, it’s your wallet pal, whatever you want to do. With your help, we can sleep at night a little easier, and you can feel like an absolute champion knowing that you’ve supported a small business, transitioned to cleaning without single-use plastic and made us feel like all the stress has been worth it. 

So whilst there is still some value in us pressing ‘promote’ on our favourite posts, there is infinitely more value in us having loyal ‘Homies’ who promote our brand because they actually want to – whoever thought you’d fall in love with a cleaning brand in 2020? Plot twist.


Photo by Click and Boo on Unsplash
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