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At Homethings with: Amara

At Homethings with: Amara

It's January. It's cold. It's dark. It's grey. But not at Casa del Amara, human behind @thepajaamahub, who's home is filled with bright colours and interiors to make just about anyone smile. Let's have a tour.        Tell us a bit about yourself. I am Amara from @ThePajaamaHub. Mama bear by heart...
At Homethings with: Caitlin

At Homethings with: Caitlin

Welcome to the first in a new series, At Homethings With, where we meet the real people using Homethings in the comfort of their own...you get the gist.  Kicking us off with a pink-hued bang is Caitlin, who works at a Bristol design agency specialising in branding and packaging. Let's have an int...
Sustainability podcasts

The Pods making waves in our AirPods

Not sure about you, but we love a podcast. It takes the simple pleasure of eavesdropping and makes it possible without even leaving your house. During a time when just about everyone + anyone is dusting off their mics and taking to the airwaves, the team at Homethings have rounded up our favouri...
Toast Ale Homethings

A Toast to Change with Toast Ale

Sitting down with Louisa Ziane, Toast COO, at the Toast Ale 'Breadquarters' we ask the question: "what's the big deal with surplus bread?", how tackling food waste can affect the climate crisis and the bigger picture of social impact issues. A bottle of Toast really is a message in a bottle.   H...
Lauren Bravo Homethings

Breaking Up With Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo

We speak to journalist babe and author, Lauren Bravo – who wrote 'What Would The Spice Girls Do?' and recently released 'How To Break Up With Fast Fashion". Our conversation covers the dark truth of the fast fashion industry and how we can all do our bit to reduce funding companies who greenwash...
Bybi Beauty Homethings

Beauty that doesn't cost the Earth with BYBI Beauty

Homethings sit down with Elsie Rutterford + Dominika Minarovic – co-founders of Clean Beauty Insiders and BYBI Beauty. We chat about sustainability touchpoint at every angle for BYBI, from the ingredients, the manufacturing to the packaging as well as Gweneth's vagina candle and why clean beauty...
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