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homething-image-Microplastics: a not so micro-issue

Microplastics: a not so micro-issue

When we think of plastic pollution, discarded crisp packets and empty drinks cans in the park tend to come to mind first. Cleaning up the spaces around us with community litter picks or beach clean ups is a great way to not only feel good about yourself, but to also take care of the world around us. But what about the smaller, almost invisible, pieces of plastic pollution that we can’t see? Hello, microplastics...

homething-image-Quick + Easy Eco Cleaning Hacks with Homethings

Quick + Easy Eco Cleaning Hacks with Homethings

Spring is upon us and so are the cohort of people telling us to get our ‘Spring Clean’ on. But wait a second. Who are they, or even us as an eco cleaning brand, to tell you when and how long to clean for? You’re a busy person with a life to life. So instead, here are some tips on how you can blitz through your cleaning routine in no time at all...

homething-image-Carbon Labelling

Carbon Labelling

A while back we decided to start offsetting our carbon emissions. Put simply, this means that for all the CO2 released into the atmosphere due to Homethings (eg. when our products are made or when we send them to you) we would support projects working to reduce carbon emissions and offset an equi...
homething-image-Certified B Corp™: HOMETHINGS Joins the Movement

Certified B Corp™: HOMETHINGS Joins the Movement

Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been obsessed with the Winter Olympics (apart from the fake snow) this year but we’re all about adding to our medal collection (it’s a bit of a reach as a metaphor for our certifications but stick with us here). It’s why it feels flipping great to become a certified B Corp™ business: but what does that really mean and why do we really care...?
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