Homethings-At Homethings with: Amara

At Homethings with: Amara

At Homethings with: Amara

It's January. It's cold. It's dark. It's grey. But not at Casa del Amara, human behind @thepajaamahub, who's home is filled with bright colours and interiors to make just about anyone smile. Let's have a tour. 




Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Amara from @ThePajaamaHub. Mama bear by heart, content writer and nocturnal DIY-er. I live in a rental property with my herd where I am forever cooking up hacks to disguise magnolia walls to add some colour. Head full of fluff, philosophy and wanderlust. Feet full of moonwalk.

How has your relationship with your home changed during lockdown? 

Lockdown, I must say, was one of a kind experience. Being a family who enjoys outdoors, suddenly we were stuck indoors 24/7. We were very lucky to have a comfortable place to hunker down. However, lockdown meant that everyone needed a workspace, the demand of extension wires increased, and the rental black pleather sofa started to become an eyesore. I stepped out of my comfort zone, started adding colour around the house, purchased a mustard yellow sofa and designed some fun workstations. The goal was to transform it into a space that would inspire the creativity and lockdown helped us achieve that. It might not be magazine worthy, but it has cocooning element to it which I am so thankful for.



What is your favourite room in your home, and why? 

The living room. It is an eclectic mix of my favourite accessories, fun textiles and colourful gallery wall. The mustard velvet sofa adds much-needed drama to the space and its modern shape is great to maximise the seating space. It’s the room where we had lockdown birthdays, monopoly wars and Netflix marathons. We owe many beautiful memories to this space, so it has got to be the winner.

Has sustainability influenced any of your recent purchases? 

This issue is very close to my heart. I am forever on the lookout to make changes big or small which are kinder to the planet. Lockdown was an eye opener for many of us out there to see how we can actually enjoy without shopping unnecessarily. I also realised how smarter habits in the kitchen can lead to a positive impact on the environment such as opting for reusable beeswax food storage wrap as a replacement for plastic wrapping. Much better than single use plastic and totally compostable. What’s not to love!



Why Homethings? 

The ethos and the concept. Truly one of a kind idea!  The situation under my kitchen sink isn’t very pleasing if I be totally honest here. Although, I don’t like the idea of hoarding cleaning supplies, but I do have a number of liquids to help me tackle different jobs around the house. I love that Homethings have made cleaning ever so easy by distributing it in three simple categories. No need to fill the shopping carts with ten cleaning liquids anymore. On top of that, the colour coded glass bottles are just a pleasure to use!

Cleaning: love or loathe? 

Ahh, tough question! In our household specially since we have been in and out of lockdown for quite some time now, everyone has a specific job to do. The teen is in charge of the bathroom cleaning and the little two help in the kitchen. The days they have a session on PS4, everyone has done their jobs before I even ask! Other days, a little reminder gets the job done. You know how it works ;)

I can’t stand a dirty bathroom or a messy kitchen so for us a general clean-up is very much part of our daily routine and a deep cleaning session on weekends keeps the house under control.


What's your go-to listen when you're having a good clean sesh?

The Michelle Obama Podcast.

Do you have any tips for maximising your 'own space' during lockdown? 

A lockdown can be draining. I get it! However, I recently read a quote by Robert Frost that the only way out is through. This chapter of our lives is very much a reality and we have to live through it. At one point, the monotony started to get to me, and the quicksand of procrastination became very much real. Fortunately, one midnight scrolling session brought me to the 5-second rule. The idea is that when a thought comes to your mind, make a decision and act on it. Simple! It really works, I can tell you that.


Goals for 2021? 

Go easy.

Leave us with a bonkers fact!

It has to be my kids favourite that: “cotton candy was invented by a dentist”. Imagine that!



Thanks to Amara, go give her a follow and get your hands on your own Keep It Clean kit here 🙃

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