Homethings-Bio vs Non Bio: what's the difference?



Which detergent is best for sensitive skin? Which detergent is better for the environment? Is bio or non bio stronger? Which is better for the environment bio or non bio?

You’d struggle to find a team more obsessed with laundry products than the Homethings gang. Whether we’re praising our community for switching to our plastic-free pods or entertaining ourselves with the news that the ASA banned Unilever’s Persil ad for being ‘misleading’ (we hear: greenwashing) – there’s always something to talk about. And in most conversations, ye olde question of whether to buy bio or non bio washing powder. So what really is the difference, and which one should you be buying? Let’s dive in. 


What’s the difference between bio and non bio?

Before we jump into the difference between the two, we thought we’d start with a bit of background by answering the question: what actually is a detergent? A detergent is a chemical or enzyme that breaks down dirt and grease, helping to remove it from your clothes. The dynamic duo also help grime to become soluble in the water, so that it can easily be rinsed away – nifty.

When we talk about bio vs non bio washing powders, we’re talking about whether they contain biological or non-biological detergents. Biological detergents use enzymes to break down the compounds that end up on your clothes, whereas non-biological detergents don’t use any enzymes and use other compounds instead (like surfactants).


Should I be buying bio or non bio washing powder?

Now that we’re clued up on the bio and non bio meanings, we can ask the most important question: which one is the best match for you?

There are pros and cons of each. The enzymes in bio pods are more effective at breaking down dirt; so have quicker, more powerful stain and smell removal at lower temperatures (which is better for the planet, and your bank account). However, although bio pods will be better at removing that red wine stain from your favourite t-shirt, the enzymes can cause some mild irritation in people with super sensitive skin and might be too harsh to use on super delicate items (like silk).


Bio detergent may be required.


The Homethings take on things.

We’re all about producing products that are great for the planet, as well as great for people. That’s why we designed Laundrythings as a super gentle/mild biological detergent. They've got the cleaning power of bio pods, meaning you can wash at cooler temperatures without having to rely on harsh stain removers whilst also being gentle enough for most skin types – our fragrance-free option is hypoallergenic and makes a great choice for people with super sensitive skin. The best of both worlds, plus 100% natural and plastic free.

Planet positive laundry pods that clean well without the nasty ingredients list? That’s another load off your mind.


If you want to hear more about our take on the bio vs non bio debate, click the video below:

Bio vs Non Bio