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Plastics + Waste
Homethings on fast fashion

Can we slow down fast fashion?

Fashion. Some of us embrace it, some of us resent it. Some of us still wear socks and sandals and try and label it ‘fashion’. Whatever your opinion and wherever you stand on the ‘fashion spectrum’ one thing is for sure – the speed at which we are demanding and consuming it is unsustainable. The...
Homethings - drowning in plastic

Are bioplastics worth the buzz?

2019 has seen some great beef. Not the bovine kind but the mud-slinging twitter kind. Colleen and Rebeccah hooked us, Brexit has continued to highlight the pickle we are in. Unfortunately we can’t offer much sense to Colleen, but we can put our two-penny worth in on bioplastics. Are they the anti...
Say no to single-use plastic with Homethings

Making Sense of Recycling Plastic (Spoiler: We Can't)

Plastic. We use it, we wear it, and unfortunately for every living thing on the planet, we chuck it. The very word ‘plastic’ sends shivers down most people’s spines nowadays – and so it should. Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finds its way into our oceans. You don’t ...
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