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Do they even clean?

Do they even clean?

Do they work? Yes. Our products are effective at removing bacteria from your surfaces by using surfactants. Surfactants reduce the surface tension and loosen the bonds between the mess to be cleaned and the surface. Wiping the surface once you’ve sprayed then wipes away the residue. On the ...
Sustainable household swaps

Sustainable Household Swaps that Make Sense

Sustainability is great, but what’s really great is when making that sustainable swap is easy and at no extra cost or hassle to you. We’ve got your household cleaning sprays covered with our refillable glass bottles and non-toxic cleaning tabs, delivered directly to your door (fun) but what abou...
Natural cleaning?

Why It Doesn't Feel Natural To Call Our Products 'Natural'

We’re often asked “Are your products Natural?”  Now we’re not chemists, or Scientists, or ‘experts’ but we have spent a hell of a lot of time talking to these experts and asking the hard questions since we started Homethings.  Our conclusion – it doesn’t feel natural to call our products Natural...
A Look At What's Not In Our Tabs

A Look At What's Not In Our Tabs

We often get asked ‘hey Homethings, what’s in those tabs of yours?’ Great question, we say. All our ingredients are listed in our FAQs section, feel free to check it out!  But isn’t it just as important to know what's not in them and why? In short, we exclude ingredients that might be harmful to...
Move Over Hinchers: The Problem with Cleanstagram

Move Over Hinchers: The Problem with Cleanstagram

Just when you thought you’d escaped all of your distant relatives who were obsessed with posting pictures of their laundry day all over Facebook, the 'Hinchers' movement takes Instagram by storm. It appears that no social platform is safe from humble bragging about stain removal or dazzling dishes...

Sustainability podcasts

The Pods making waves in our AirPods

Not sure about you, but we love a podcast. It takes the simple pleasure of eavesdropping and makes it possible without even leaving your house. During a time when just about everyone + anyone is dusting off their mics and taking to the airwaves, the team at Homethings have rounded up our favouri...
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