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Corona virus climate change

Corona + the Climate Crisis.

2019 seems a long time ago. In those simpler, less hygienic times, Corona was the beer you drank whilst sharing a bowl of nuts with your pals and talking about the climate crisis(although actually, we’ve never been a huge fan of Corona). Fast forward to 2020 and the current Coronavirus pandemic,...
Daze Aghaji Homethings

The Battle Against Eco-Warriors with Daze Aghaji

We sat down for a chat with freelance climate change activist, Daze Aghaji – who talks politics, memes and the environment. Throughout our conversation, we learnt what it's really like to be a part of Extinction Rebellion whilst studying at University as well as discussing the importance of awar...
Anti-bacterial cleaning

Baby Got Anti-Bac?

With runs on hand sanitisers and antibacterial cleaners having happened up and down the land during the COVID-19 pandemic here in the UK, it's safe to say the way we approach personal and household hygiene has changed forever. So, we wanted to make like ‘Number 10’ and provide you with the best scientific advice (based on the science from scientists) on whether antibacterial agents are actually any better than your Nan’s plain old bar of soap...

Here’s a question: why Kickstarter?

Here’s a question: why Kickstarter?

Unless you’re the sort of person who’s genuinely into extra-curricular activities and sports clubs, making friends as an adult is hard. Just ask Twitter. But making friends as an ‘up-and-coming’ new brand is even harder. And whilst it can be tempting to buy a few pals from the internet (hello b...
"Non-Toxic" – what's all the fuss about?

"Non-Toxic" – what's all the fuss about?

Toxic. It's a word that is being bandied about so much at the moment that it can feel like we’re stuck in a bad dream with a Britney song on repeat.  But when it comes to the everyday products that we use in our homes and on our bodies, what does it mean to be ‘Non-Toxic’ and does ‘Chemical Free...
Our obsession with clean – we dish the dirt.

Our obsession with clean – we dish the dirt.

As a generation brought up with slogans such as ‘Bang! And the dirt is gone!’ and ‘Kills 99.9% of bacteria!’ it’s no wonder we are all so obsessed with sanitising hand gels and ensuring every inch of our environments are as sterile as possible. But where did this fascination with clean come from...
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