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Lauren Bravo Homethings

Breaking Up With Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo

We speak to journalist babe and author, Lauren Bravo – who wrote 'What Would The Spice Girls Do?' and recently released 'How To Break Up With Fast Fashion". Our conversation covers the dark truth of the fast fashion industry and how we can all do our bit to reduce funding companies who greenwash...
Bybi Beauty Homethings

Beauty that doesn't cost the Earth with BYBI Beauty

Homethings sit down with Elsie Rutterford + Dominika Minarovic – co-founders of Clean Beauty Insiders and BYBI Beauty. We chat about sustainability touchpoint at every angle for BYBI, from the ingredients, the manufacturing to the packaging as well as Gweneth's vagina candle and why clean beauty...
Ryan Kohn Propercorn

A Proper Talk about Businesses for Good with Ryan Kohn

We talk to Ryan Kohn about his journey with entrepreneurship and sustainability – from setting up club-nights when he was 18 to being the co-founder of Proper, we discuss conscious living, BCorps and whether plastic bags are really that bad.   Homethings: Hello. How did your sustainability journ...
Madeleine Shaw Homethings

A World of Wellness with Madeleine Shaw

We talk to good friend, author and Nutritional Therapist, Madeleine Shaw, about low waste living, her experience of trialing a plastic-free life and whether or not it's possible to be sustainable unless we all start slowing down? "When we are stressed, busy and tired we can only do what we can. ...
Corona virus climate change

Corona + the Climate Crisis.

2019 seems a long time ago. In those simpler, less hygienic times, Corona was the beer you drank whilst sharing a bowl of nuts with your pals and talking about the climate crisis(although actually, we’ve never been a huge fan of Corona). Fast forward to 2020 and the current Coronavirus pandemic,...
Daze Aghaji Homethings

The Battle Against Eco-Warriors with Daze Aghaji

We sat down for a chat with freelance climate change activist, Daze Aghaji – who talks politics, memes and the environment. Throughout our conversation, we learnt what it's really like to be a part of Extinction Rebellion whilst studying at University as well as discussing the importance of awar...
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